Raiding with Leashes IV is on the PTR folks!!

Here is the list of Pets datamined from MMO-Champion:   Some, such as the Noblegarden Bunny, are clearly for other World Events – but we can gather quite clearly which ones are from the Lich King content!  I wrote a post about my predictions and they actually did some of…


New Pet in Legion Beta – Stormborne Whelp!

I got this as a drop in Stormheim off the Stormwing Matriarch – not sure if it’s 100% drop but this was not datamined on Warcraft pets so I thought I’d mention it here!  Look how cute he is!!     His abilities are awesome; Tail Sweep and Frost Breath…


Pet Battle Day Care in Legion!

Just saw this in Dalaran in the new Alpha build — it’s out by the daily quest hub – a Battle Pet Day Care!  I wonder if it will be like Pokemon, where you hand a couple of pets over and they level up over time?  That would be cool….


Dalaran pet area finally available in Legion Alpha!

I saw this morning that the pet area has moved (again) in Dalaran.  It may not stay here – it tends to move around every single build 🙂 But right now it’s just a hop down below and behind the Kirin Tor tower (where Rhonin was and Khadgar now is)….


Leveling the pets the OG way.

It still works, the Mech Pet>Arcane Eyes>Dragonbone Hatchlings>Eternal Striders in the Vale The only real luck involved is the Dragonbone Hatchlings, that can be rough – but the RNG will eventually be in your favor and by then it’s smooth sailing.  I need to take my Alpha alts all to…


Legion Alpha conversations; Epic Battle Pets?

So this tweet from Blizzard Develop Jeremy Feasel (@muffinus) put us to the question; Hi! We are testing out the impact of epic battle pets and training stones. This is a good thread for feedback: https://t.co/sNYntKaIGZ — Jeremy Feasel (@Muffinus) February 19, 2016 There is a lively discussion going on…


Just a general Legion Alpha grumble

Nothing really to say here other than a rant about the very few people in Alpha and how some of believe they are god in heaven about class balance.  Most of them are Mythic Raiders.  For some reason (and I really don’t know why Blizzard cow tows to these people,…


Pet Battles in Legion — thoughts

I just posted this at warcraftpets.com and it just bears repeating.  A few people there were aiming at the sky for what Pet Battles would bring in Legion.  New level cap, breeding, epic and legendary pets.  These are just absolutely unrealistic expectations. I hate to be the awful reminder of…


I created a YouTube channel just for Murloc Harbor!

Probably not the greatest idea, since I’ll lose all my views of what I have — but I don’t care.  Going forward I can have it all organized and off my own personal account.  I may or may not move all the videos I have now. That would be a herculean…

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