Updated Strategies for 2 Pet Celestial Tournament

So a kind visitor brought to my attention that with the gigantic NERF to the Pandaren Water Spirit, a lot of the 2 pet Celestial Tournament strats for An Awfully Big Adventure didn’t work.  Most notably, Blingtron 4000. He’s a massive jerk fight anyway, I just hate that whole fight!…


Garrison Rematch Codes

Just a list of the rematch codes for the Garrison Menagerie fights – as requested MONTHS ago and I am only now just remembering to do it.  I am so sorry!!  Anyway here they are. Don’t mind the silly (and sometimes typoed) team names lol: Archimedes:0:1165:122:489:589:1165:122:489:589:1601:299:937:752: Blingtron 4999:0:1117:441:364:536:1518:354:1010:934:1451:1359:1357:1354: BrutusRuckus:0:218:210:592:476:627:163:666:160:1164:455:389:305: Carroteyes:0:702:118:230:233:844:115:779:334:145:184:179:503:…


The Best Battle Pets in World of Warcraft

I have a Google Trends saved for “battle pets” and I get emails occasionally from Google telling me how much people are searching, etc.  It’s a nifty little tool.  This morning the trend has exploded 252% in the past week (likely due to people curious about the new expansion, Legion)…


Tiny Terrors of Tanaan Jungle Achievement!

All the locations of the new Legendary Battle Pets in Warlords of Draenor 6.2 Patch Content in Tanaan Jungle! As most of you are probably already aware – there are a bunch of new Legendary Battle Pets for us to find and battle daily in the new zone Tanaan Jungle….

Garrison Menagerie

I still use my teams from beta…

So occasionally I get some comments that are really angry – they generally all have the same timbre; “This is crap! These aren’t guides!  You are just lucky and all your strats suck!”  <– They all look like that in some shape or another.  I’ve even had one angry person…


Patch 6.1 Lands Today!

If you didn’t already know – Patch 6.1 has loads of content coming up for Pet Battlers.  Warcraft Pets and Wowhead have great guides up for anyone needing to look at all the goodies, I won’t be re-hashing it here. 🙂 But I did want to mention since my site is all…


PvP Jensketch style

So I have this team that I have named “Anti-Whatever” because it’s basically a team formulated to be a counter to all the Flavor of the Month teams that are still boringly played in my queue. (I’m actually disgusted by the lack of imagination on Stormrage’s queue – I still…


What am I doing now?

Well, since my guide is complete and I’ve used it to get my own Trunks – most people have opened their Menagerie and are doing the dailies — what am I doing now?   PvP – as usual.  It’s entirely my thing, I love it and do battles every day….

Garrison Menagerie

Level up your pets fast today in the Menagerie!

I did not realize that the Menagerie could give good xp sometimes.  Some fights give almost nothing – so I guess I only tried to level on those ones!  But not today 🙂 A clever forum goer at Warcraftpets.com Link Here has tried it today and that’s definitely what I’m…

An Awfully Big Adventure

Vesharr – updated! Elekk Plushie / Leveling strat!

This is just an updated video to reflect the changes to the Vesharr fight in Spires of Arak.  It’s the same team and the changes have already gone in to the description on An Awfully Big Adventure page. Team Used (same team as before) Kirin-Tor Familiar P/S Emerald Proto-Whelp Elekk…

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