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Dalaran pet area finally available in Legion Alpha!

I saw this morning that the pet area has moved (again) in Dalaran.  It may not stay here – it tends to move around every single build 🙂 But right now it’s just a hop down below and behind the Kirin Tor tower (where Rhonin was and Khadgar now is)….


Garrison Rematch Codes

Just a list of the rematch codes for the Garrison Menagerie fights – as requested MONTHS ago and I am only now just remembering to do it.  I am so sorry!!  Anyway here they are. Don’t mind the silly (and sometimes typoed) team names lol: Archimedes:0:1165:122:489:589:1165:122:489:589:1601:299:937:752: Blingtron 4999:0:1117:441:364:536:1518:354:1010:934:1451:1359:1357:1354: BrutusRuckus:0:218:210:592:476:627:163:666:160:1164:455:389:305: Carroteyes:0:702:118:230:233:844:115:779:334:145:184:179:503:…


Tiny Terrors of Tanaan Jungle Achievement!

All the locations of the new Legendary Battle Pets in Warlords of Draenor 6.2 Patch Content in Tanaan Jungle! As most of you are probably already aware – there are a bunch of new Legendary Battle Pets for us to find and battle daily in the new zone Tanaan Jungle….


Patch 6.1 Lands Today!

If you didn’t already know – Patch 6.1 has loads of content coming up for Pet Battlers.  Warcraft Pets and Wowhead have great guides up for anyone needing to look at all the goodies, I won’t be re-hashing it here. 🙂 But I did want to mention since my site is all…

Garrison Menagerie

Level up your pets fast today in the Menagerie!

I did not realize that the Menagerie could give good xp sometimes.  Some fights give almost nothing – so I guess I only tried to level on those ones!  But not today 🙂 A clever forum goer at Warcraftpets.com Link Here has tried it today and that’s definitely what I’m…

An Awfully Big Adventure

Vesharr – updated! Elekk Plushie / Leveling strat!

This is just an updated video to reflect the changes to the Vesharr fight in Spires of Arak.  It’s the same team and the changes have already gone in to the description on An Awfully Big Adventure page. Team Used (same team as before) Kirin-Tor Familiar P/S Emerald Proto-Whelp Elekk…


Happy Thanksgiving Pet Battlers!

I had a little bit of time before my day started to do the Daily Menagerie Pet Battle – it is Samm, Archimedes & Jahan today – and in my Big Bag of Pet Supplies I got a Firewing!  In 4 days of dailies I got 3 pets so far –…


Aki the Chosen – 2 pet strategy for leveling & Elekk Plushie achievement An Awfully Big Adventure

I love this strat and this is one of my favorite fights that I do nearly every day.  It’s quick, efficient and works every time, there is zero reliance on RNG here.   I got this strat eons ago on warcraftpets.com – they have a guide there that I’ve used…


Pet List for Warlords of Draenor Tamers & Achievements

Just a quick list of the pets I’ve used to defeat all the Warlords of Draenor content on the beta.  All the new Grand Master Pet Tamers, the achievement of An Awfully Big Adventure (this is 44 tamers all over the world) and the Celestial Tournament (though that’s old Mists…


Kromli & Gromli – Garrison Menagerie Pet Battle Daily

Watch the video for full strat – This is an extremely RNG fight that can go really your way or really NOT your way. Team used: Yellow Moth Death Adder Hatchling Blighthawk The Yellow Moth is out first and it’s important to use Cocoon Strike at the start because you…

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