Pet Battle Day Care in Legion!

Just saw this in Dalaran in the new Alpha build — it’s out by the daily quest hub – a Battle Pet Day Care!  I wonder if it will be like Pokemon, where you hand a couple of pets over and they level up over time?  That would be cool….


Leveling the pets the OG way.

It still works, the Mech Pet>Arcane Eyes>Dragonbone Hatchlings>Eternal Striders in the Vale The only real luck involved is the Dragonbone Hatchlings, that can be rough – but the RNG will eventually be in your favor and by then it’s smooth sailing.  I need to take my Alpha alts all to…


Just a general Legion Alpha grumble

Nothing really to say here other than a rant about the very few people in Alpha and how some of believe they are god in heaven about class balance.  Most of them are Mythic Raiders.  For some reason (and I really don’t know why Blizzard cow tows to these people,…

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