Zeradar is here! Plus – PvP botters are lame

So Zeradar is here!  If you purchased the Collector’s Edition of Starcraft 2 Legacy of the Void you get the adorable and super cool pet Zeradar (plus a ton of other Blizzard goodies for their other games) I hurried and leveled him up to 25 using the Panda tamers because…

PvP Pet Battles

Beating the dreaded Murkalot & Graves Combo

This wasn’t intentional – I just invented a speed team on the spot.  S/S Death Adder Hatchling, S/S Tolai Hare Pup, S/S Bronze Whelpling — and beat the snot out of the dreaded Murkalot/Graves/Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling team. Admittedly the opponent was dreadful and made loads of mistakes — mostly assuming…


Hallow’s End Event – 3 new pets!

I cannot write anything better than this excellent and comprehensive wowhead guide, so please visit there to get all the detailed information. The pets are easy to get — much easier than I previously anticipated.  I thought they’d be purchases with Tricky Treats but they are in fact wild pets…


Raiding With Leashes IV – what will they do?

So with the advent of World of Warcraft: Legion on the horizon, I’ve started to wonder what the clever devs will do for us crazy pet battlers.  Of course eventually they will come out with a Raiding with Leashes IV edition and since we’re done with the Burning Crusade of…


The Best Battle Pets in World of Warcraft

I have a Google Trends saved for “battle pets” and I get emails occasionally from Google telling me how much people are searching, etc.  It’s a nifty little tool.  This morning the trend has exploded 252% in the past week (likely due to people curious about the new expansion, Legion)…


Tiny Terrors of Tanaan Jungle Achievement!

All the locations of the new Legendary Battle Pets in Warlords of Draenor 6.2 Patch Content in Tanaan Jungle! As most of you are probably already aware – there are a bunch of new Legendary Battle Pets for us to find and battle daily in the new zone Tanaan Jungle….


Rematch Export Codes for all Teams! An Awfully Big Adventure

You can see in all my videos that I use the wonderful, genius addon called Rematch, found here.  If you don’t use any other addon in your game, you should be using this one.  It’s just really that spectacular.  Pet Battler aydia commented here on my site that I should…


Legendary Tanaan Jungle Pet Battles

Just a quick note guys – the new Legendary Battle Pets scattered around Tanaan Jungle are fun!  They drop a Bag of Pet Supplies that can drop Pet Charms, Bandages and the chance of 4 new pets.  There are also a few new wild caught pets as well. The good…


PTR Goodies, new Legendary Battles!

I could not help myself this time – the absolute lack of current content has me in woes, so I loaded up the PTR.  I’m pretty glad I did – as I’m going to be VERY busy until this patch comes out deciphering teams for the difficult Legendary Battles that…


HAHAH This was the best thing today :)

I made this horrible troll Sunlight team run away 😀 I grabbed a quick screenshot right at the last second.  Oh man, I run into that guy a lot on my Pet Battle group – he runs with a Crawdad, Turnip and Zao.  It’s a horrible stall team and it’s…

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