Leveling Strategies

How to level your pets on the Daily Quest Tamers in both Pandaria and Draenor.


Leveling the pets the OG way.

It still works, the Mech Pet>Arcane Eyes>Dragonbone Hatchlings>Eternal Striders in the Vale The only real luck involved is the Dragonbone Hatchlings, that can be rough – but the RNG will eventually be in your favor and by then it’s smooth sailing.  I need to take my Alpha alts all to…


The Best Battle Pets in World of Warcraft

I have a Google Trends saved for “battle pets” and I get emails occasionally from Google telling me how much people are searching, etc.  It’s a nifty little tool.  This morning the trend has exploded 252% in the past week (likely due to people curious about the new expansion, Legion)…

Garrison Menagerie

Level up your pets fast today in the Menagerie!

I did not realize that the Menagerie could give good xp sometimes.  Some fights give almost nothing – so I guess I only tried to level on those ones!  But not today 🙂 A clever forum goer at Warcraftpets.com Link Here has tried it today and that’s definitely what I’m…

An Awfully Big Adventure

Vesharr – updated! Elekk Plushie / Leveling strat!

This is just an updated video to reflect the changes to the Vesharr fight in Spires of Arak.  It’s the same team and the changes have already gone in to the description on An Awfully Big Adventure page. Team Used (same team as before) Kirin-Tor Familiar P/S Emerald Proto-Whelp Elekk…


Christoph Von Feasel – 2 pet Elekk Plushie Carry Strategy – An Awfully Big Adventure

Here is the 2 pet strategy for Christoph Von Feasel – either for leveling purposes or for the Elekk Plushie achievement An Awfully Big Adventure!  A fella on WarcraftPets mentioned this in a thread discussing 2 pet strategies and in and around all the other arguments and heated discussions I recognized…


Chen Stormstout – Elekk Plushie Achievement 2 pet battle!

For the achievement An Awfully Big Adventure – Chen Stormstout of the Celestial Tournament has a team that packs a mean punch – but not mean enough for us!  I took a Blue Clockwork Rocket Bot and a Death Adder Hatchling to task to beat him for the 2-pet achievement….


An Awfully Big Adventure – Cymre Brightblade – Alternate Strategy

After much harangue and testing, I found a different team to use for this achievement.  The Magical Crawdad & Emerald Proto-Whelp team is still viable, but this one is too and it feels more secure.  I just liked it a lot better when I used it for the past two…


Pet List for Warlords of Draenor Tamers & Achievements

Just a quick list of the pets I’ve used to defeat all the Warlords of Draenor content on the beta.  All the new Grand Master Pet Tamers, the achievement of An Awfully Big Adventure (this is 44 tamers all over the world) and the Celestial Tournament (though that’s old Mists…

Leveling Strategies

Gargra Leveling Strategy!

This is the leveling strategy for Gargra, the Daily Pet Battle Tamer in Frostfire Ridge. Really basic and simple strat – use Mechanicals!  I used two Clockwork Rocket Bots and took advantage of their minefields. Blue Clockwork Rocket Bot Clockwork Rocket Bot -Carry Pet-

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