Raiding with Leashes IV is on the PTR folks!!

Here is the list of Pets datamined from MMO-Champion:



Some, such as the Noblegarden Bunny, are clearly for other World Events – but we can gather quite clearly which ones are from the Lich King content!  I wrote a post about my predictions and they actually did some of them!! I’m super excited, I cannot wait to get hunting for these in some of my favorite old raid content!!  I *really* hope Ironbound Collar for the proto-whelp is NOT tied to the Razorscale fight D:


The reward for completing the achievement is a “Celestial Invitation” which I assume rewards the pet up there called “Stardust” which makes sense (and was something I predicted as well).   These are just on the PTR so there might be wild changes before it makes it to live, but I’m just SUPER happy and excited that we’re getting it soon!!  Thanks Blizzard!!

So far in Legion, I’ve really enjoyed the Pet Battle World Quest content.  I’ve got Aquatic Acquiescence down and done, working on Beasts and Critters.  I really enjoy the challenge of this meta-achievement and I’ve been having a blast beating them so far.  Coming up with teams is one of my favorite pastimes.

How are you enjoying Legion so far?

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