Just a general Legion Alpha grumble

Nothing really to say here other than a rant about the very few people in Alpha and how some of believe they are god in heaven about class balance.  Most of them are Mythic Raiders.  For some reason (and I really don’t know why Blizzard cow tows to these people, who populate a mere 1.5% of their playerbase) all 13/13 Mythic Raiders get an invite to Alpha.

Then they strut and crow in the forums as if they were god almighty with their opinions about class feel/playstyle/balance… and *heaven FORBID* a mere mortal like myself disagree with them.  I’ve got one guy tied up in knots so bad he’s stalking me on the forums, downvoting everything I write.  How sad is that?!

What’s it about you wonder?!  Why, class feel.  I have actually had a blast and had a lot of fun with Fire Mage.  But this guy, with his “almighty Mythic Raider knowledge” has decided that Mage is horribly broken and needs a workover.

I disagreed, told him he probably picked the wrong Talents, because I was having no trouble and in fact, was having a fun time leveling my mage — the playstyle was smooth and easy and stuff died fast.


To be perfectly honest, I think a bee got in his bonnet because a mere peasant like myself, who does not raid anymore, perhaps chose a better Talent line up than he did.  OH THE HORROR!

Really, taking this game so seriously is a recipe for disaster.  Seen it for 11 years.  Just have fun, people!

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  1. There is one thing I’d like to know from Legion, maybe you can help me with that. (Depends on if you have a demon hunter 🙂

    I would like to know the transmog rules for warglaives.

    According to the battle net page, DH will be able to use Warglaives, Daggers, Fist Weapons, One-Handed Axes, One-Handed Maces and One-Handed Swords. But does any of these weapons share an attack animation with warglaives? Can you wear a warglaive but use the skins of two one-handed swords?

    • Yes, you can xmog over your legendaries — what you cannot do is make 2 one-handed axes look like the legendaries.

      • Does that mean you can make your artifact look like 2 daggers or like 2 swords or like 2 fist weapons?

        That’s interesting because those weapons have different attack animations and you cannot transmog a sword over a dagger on the WoD client.

        Does that mean you can transmog a sword and an off-hand over a staff artifact? Or can your fire mage transmog a staff over her sword?

        • All I know is that you cannot make 2 one-handed weapons look like your legendaries for certain, but that you CAN transmog OVER the legendaries. I have a DH but I didn’t play it beyond the artifact quest. I can login later and try.

          I know with Hunter (and it is this way on live) that you can mog a bow over a gun over a xbow, makes no difference. And with Druid, you can mog a staff over a polearm and vice versa. Not sure about the rest 🙂 I always mog a staff on my mage, so never have tried a sword!

          • Hunter is the exception to the same attack animation rule. 🙂

            The fire mage artifact is a sword, that’s why I was curious if you can transmog a staff over the artifact sword.

            But I primarily want to know if I can play a demon hunter with two swords. Since Blizzard removed the dual wield frost DK tank I’m waiting for a new dual sword tank class. 🙂

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