Pet Battles in Legion — thoughts

I just posted this at and it just bears repeating.  A few people there were aiming at the sky for what Pet Battles would bring in Legion.  New level cap, breeding, epic and legendary pets.  These are just absolutely unrealistic expectations.

I hate to be the awful reminder of reality but — the resources needed to add breeding or epic pets just aren’t in the cards.

Please understand that pet battles is my *favorite* thing about World of Warcraft, hands down! But, we’re in the merest minority. The tiniest minority, in fact.
Only 1.7% of players have Trunks. Only 2.6% of people have Celestial Family. *ALL* that development time has gone into a fraction of the playerbase and I’m absolutely positive that somewhere there was a discussion over development costs for future pet battle development that noticed these results and cut back.

We should be happy they add anything at all!! We really should be grateful and happy.

My guess is we will definitely see new wild pets and rare drops, also Raiding with Leashes IV and even V and VI eventually.

If we got another Celestial Tournament-style scenario I’d be OVER THE MOON with amazement and gratitude.

But be realistic. We pet battlers who go to these lengths for collecting, battling and pvp are a *miniscule* amount of their playerbase. Just be happy you get what you do get.

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  1. “We should be happy they give us anything at all.” Do you have Stockholm Syndrome from WoD? Actually, I would be happy if I got lots of new things out of a new video game… Not just “aren’t you thankful we let you pay us to play?”


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