I created a YouTube channel just for Murloc Harbor!

Muuurrglglglgl!!!Probably not the greatest idea, since I’ll lose all my views of what I have — but I don’t care.  Going forward I can have it all organized and off my own personal account.  I may or may not move all the videos I have now. That would be a herculean task considering all the outside links I would break from wowhead and warcraftpets.com

So here is the new, empty, freshly made Murloc Harbor You Tube channel! I only had a scant ~500 subscribers, so no great loss to start over.  People will find the videos, or they won’t.  They’ll come here, or they won’t.  I don’t worry about monetizing or being the most popular, I just enjoy Pet Battles and making strategies and videos to help people is fun and I enjoy it so much.

Though, I will say that I follow my Analytics quite regularly and the Murloc Harbor website gets piles and loads of legitimate traffic everyday, so I’m very gratified by that.  I plan to move ahead into Legion and whatever Pet Battle content they have for us there!

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