Murkadin! Nibbles! Blizzcon Mania!

Yep I still have Halloween decorations in my Garrison :)

So the reason for no post about the new pets yesterday is because I was too crazy hyped to stop playing and type out something!  Man, watching Blizzcon via the Live Stream while playing a Blizzard game is seriously fun.  I’ve been to Blizzcon in 2009 and it IS really fun to be there – but it’s also a bit manic, sweaty and smelly as well.  I’ve come to prefer the Live Stream hands down.  But man, the hype!  I watched the Legion panel and all I can say is Home Run Blizzard!  At least with the artwork for each zone.  The systems panel will be today, where we will hear most of the stuff that won’t actually make it into Legion 😛

So, if you purchase a Live Stream ticket ($40) you get a bunch of goodies, among them the adorable Murkidan Battle Pet.  He’s adorable and large for the other Murlocs, which is kinda cool.

Yep I still have Halloween decorations in my Garrison :)

Yep I still have Halloween decorations in my Garrison 🙂

He’s alright in PvP – not great because with the undead heavy meta that is plaguing us all right now, he’s vulnerable to them.  Unless I pair him with Graves – the ubiquitous and ridiculously overpowered stinky felon of the PvP meta, I would lose.  For pre-purchasing the Digital Deluxe Edition of Legion, you get the adorable demondog Battle Pet, Nibbles.  Nibbles is a bit better, actually.  His speed is only 276 but because the undead mainly see are so slow, his Dodge ability becomes really useful coupled with Howl.  If he only had a bigger damage attack – or since he’s a critter an ability that was actually strong against undead (like most critters have) it would have been meta-changing, I think.  But his Bone Bite and Bite are instead good against Critters and Beasts.  I suppose he’ll have some PvE use!

Nibbles is adorable, by the way. He sleeps for his idle animation in a sweet little doggie pose.

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