Beating the dreaded Murkalot & Graves Combo

This wasn’t intentional – I just invented a speed team on the spot.  S/S Death Adder Hatchling, S/S Tolai Hare Pup, S/S Bronze Whelpling — and beat the snot out of the dreaded Murkalot/Graves/Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling team.


Admittedly the opponent was dreadful and made loads of mistakes — mostly assuming I’d be stupid 😀  I Made gigantic use out of the Death Adder Hatchling’s blind, absolutely ruining his attempts to use Grave Destruction and Bonestorm – and really a bunny is just one of the best pocket PvPers I’ve ever used.  I knew he’d try his RI, so I burrowed first to get a good bit of damage on him first.  After that, Dodge and even a weak flurry were enough to finish him off.  Bunnies are straight up mean.

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