Raiding With Leashes IV – what will they do?

So with the advent of World of Warcraft: Legion on the horizon, I’ve started to wonder what the clever devs will do for us crazy pet battlers.  Of course eventually they will come out with a Raiding with Leashes IV edition and since we’re done with the Burning Crusade of course that leaves us next with The Wrath of the Lich King.

I love this content!  This was also the last tier of content that I did serious, hardcore progression raiding on.  I am officially a casual – but not with pet battles, of course 🙂

So Ulduar – that’s where they’ll start.WoWScrnShot_101215_164440

It’s got wild possibilities.  They may stick something on the first boss, Flame Leviathan – a mech, perhaps one of the smaller models of all the mechs you pass in order to engage and destroy the large tank.  But there are richer possibilities deep inside this ancient home of the Keepers.

I hope they leave Razorscale out of it – his fight is annoying.  Not at all difficult for anyone past level 90 – just an irritant.  It is a gigantic place, larger than any raid they’ve made except perhaps Ahn’qiraj 40 so it will take awhile to get through it all.  Saving the pets for later bosses would be really cool.  It would be nice to see people wander through these beautiful halls more often.

So, if they eschew Flame Leviathan – I’d love to see a Molten Colossal pet from Ignis the Furnace Master.  Yessss.


Any one of the models that roam in his lair would be good.  A Forge Construct, a Magma Rager.  I’d love to see them all make their way into my collection someday 🙂

But we all know that they just might save all the pets for the Keepers.  However, before we just admit that may be the case, let’s consider; Kologarm.

KologarmWouldn’t a Rubble from his fight be adorable?  Sure, we have loads of Earth Elementals, but we’re never, ever sick of them.  Besides, you never know, maybe it will have a different moveset based on this fight.

But really, let’s face facts.  There is probably no reason why they won’t stick all the pets on all four Keepers.  There are usually 3-4 pets in a raid instance – why not just stick them all on the Keepers and be done with it?

I certainly can see the case for that. Though a reason to keep pushing afterwards and try for the Mimiron’s Head mount is reason enough I think! 🙂

So, I’m thinking an adorable mini-Champion of Hodir from Hodir.  What do you think? So cute, stomping along besides us.

What about from Thorim?  I think it’s *high* time we got a mini-Jormungar.  ThorimYes!  It totally makes sense for the fight too.  We beat a gigantic one to get to him, why not be rewarded with a teeny one?

Freya – what do you think?  It’s obvious – one of her Flowers.  Mimiron? A mini-mech that matches one from his fight.  All good choices, all obvious picks, but please let me just lean in and request this; a mini-Faceless Horror from General Vezax <3  We don’t have anything like it in our Menagerie now!  It would be fantastic!  It could have an ability called Void Barrier where it gains a shield for two rounds and a Void Horror spawns into the battle to fight for two turns.  😀 Would be great!

Faceless Horror

Of course there is always Yogg-Saron – but I don’t imagine Blizzard pinning a pet to that fight.  It’s one of the more irritating (easy, still for us 100+s) fights to do and I fear they will shy away from sending legions of people into an irritating fight that may possibly confuse many people.  Even though we do a lot of damage, there are mechanics on that fight that cannot be ignored.  I don’t suppose it will get a pet of it’s own.  Sad Yogg-Saron.

He's so sad he's dead.

He’s so sad he’s dead.

So next is obviously Icecrown Citadel.  We all are holding our breaths for this fun adventure.  What will Blizzard gift us?  We love this content, even now, and so many people have wondered what they will do.

Of course my vote goes for a Mini-Marrowgar.  Alive, though, of course!Lord Marrowgar






We could assume that they could just toss pets on the end of each wing, but that would leave us with much more than 3-4 pets… I don’t think they’re necessarily going to do that.  See, while everyone remembers Icecrown and perhaps Ulduar – there were two other raid areas in Wrath of the Lich King content that I really hope they use!

Obsidian Sanctum and Trial of the Crusader!The Grand tournamentObsidian Sanctum

Being a gigantic avid fan of Hearthstone, I really, really hope they use Trial of the Crusader for the Raiding with Leashes IV content.  It’s a super fast and easy to complete raid, the transmog drops are outstanding and it’s Hearthstone!  😀


You face Jaraxxus, Eredar Lord of the Burning Legion!

Who wouldn’t love a Mini-Jaraxxus? 😀  That’s probably asking for too much, I admit.  But one can hope.  I think a little cute adorable version of Icehowl is quite a reasonable request, however.

And what about the reward?  Of course, something that has to do with Algalon, of course… one of those amazing unknown entities sent by the Titans to observe and record life on Azeroth.  What else could be so perfect for a roundup of Lich King content?!  He’s got to make Rhonin yell in Dalaran if you put him out there, of course 😉

What are your hopes/ideas for Raiding With Leashes IV content?  Answer in the comments!




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  1. I’ve been thinking about splitting the WotLK achievwment into two ones, just like they’ve done with TBC. That would give us more pets from Ulduar and ICC respectively, with OS and Trial included aswell.

    Mini bosses aside, I’d love to get an embodied constellation (there are some in Alpha, but unrelated). And I have even a title for the achievement – A World Worth Taming! ;>

    Back in time I’ve described a balance-themed Val’kyr pet from the Trial, but with Sunborne getting her one it’s unlikely they go that way.

    • I think breaking it up would be an awesome idea! So far Legion does not have me excited at all — my class (Hunter, Beast Mastery spec) has been gutted into weirdness and no one is happy about it. I’d consider going Warlock except for the fact that you can become a gnome and tame mechs! But I digress – there is a lot of fun pet content coming in Legion that I hope will keep me going 🙂

  2. I have a hunter too — she’s Survival. I was used to be a DoT provider without getting into a clothy class. But while I can understand melee combat sounding exciting, it just doesn’t fit this particular character.
    I know that Marksmen get some DoTs aswell, but that isn’t the same.

    Not related to pets, but thinking about WotLK themes gave me an idea for a new Timewalking toy. Cata has its Deathwing event simulator, right? So the North would have such a simulator aswell — of the Algalon’s cosmic map.


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