The Best Battle Pets in World of Warcraft

I have a Google Trends saved for “battle pets” and I get emails occasionally from Google telling me how much people are searching, etc.  It’s a nifty little tool.  This morning the trend has exploded 252% in the past week (likely due to people curious about the new expansion, Legion) and people are searching mostly for The Best Battle Pets in WoW.

Awesome.  Well that’s primarily a matter of opinion – and luckily the developers have given us so many pets that there are many, many pets that could be considered the absolute best.  But since I really don’t do much else other than pet battle PvP, for the most part anyway, I’ve got my own ideas!

First though, let us get the PVE aspect out of the way – because it’s quite a different thing.

If I had to choose the most consistent winners and useful pets for any PVE encounter, it would have to be these six (which won’t come as a surprise to anyone):
The Emerald Proto-Whelp.  A beefy tank and hard hitter to boot – you can find this wild-caught pet in Sholazar Basin hanging out around the Proto-Dragons in the northern-central part of the zone.  I use him in a variety of ways, sometimes making use of his Emerald Dream ability to heal back up to full, sometimes using his avoidance+damage move with Proto Strike. emerald-proto-whelp.v7814 I almost always use the Emerald Presence.  It’s also a beautiful pet, one of the cooler models.  I’ve always been partial to it despite it’s great versatility in PVE content.  PVP on the other hand is another story.  While it seems like it would do well, the heavy use of Strong-Vs-Dragon type moves that are in PVP constantly make Dragons a weak choice for PVP.


anubisath-idol.v7814Next is the ubiquitous and overused Anubisath Idol.  I really hate this pet, but I cannot deny it’s usefulness.  It is superbly useful in PVE.  I’m just ready for another perfect foil for nearly every fight – also, he’s SLOW.  Whatever he does, he might win, but it takes a thousand years and I’m bored.  But, he’ll win.  He is in quite a few of my teams for PVE and I couldn’t do without him.  I use his Deflect ability 100% of the time in all the fights I use him in, and of course, the basic Crush.  Stoneskin is used rarely and never, ever Sandstorm.  You don’t want to lessen your own hits against the enemy! This guy can be found in the depths of the Ahn’qiraj Raid (40) in Silithus.  The Twin Emperors fight is easy enough to solo for anyone level 80+.


The Darkmoon Zeppelin is absolutely a genius pet for PVE leveling.  Using the Explode feature finishes off the enemy, killing yourself and leaving your level 1 unharmed, never having to come into battle and because it’s the final pet alive, gaining ALL the xp.  It’s fantastic – and on the Pandaren Tamers absolutely vital for a few of the fights.  darkmoon_zeppelin.v6734It’s a tough, sturdy pet as well using Decoy and Missile a wildly strong contender all around.  You can acquire this by collecting 90 Darkmoon Faire tickets and purchasing it at the Faire or of course, buying it on the Auction House.


The Darkmoon Tonk is right alongside his brother.  Just as useful with his wildly strong Ion Cannon, he’s a finisher against the many PVE Beasts that you come up against.  I always use him with Shock and Awe, Missile and Ion Cannon.  darkmoon_tonk.v6734These Mechs are Strong-Vs-Beasts and so definitely required for loads of PVE leveling. You can find this Pet the same way as the Zeppelin – 90 Darkmoon Faire tickets or a lucky purchase on the Auction House.  The cost of these has gone up quite a lot unfortunately as most people already have them and are not farming tickets anymore. I recently sold one each on my server (Stormrage) for ~$1500-~$1800 each.


The Zandalari Anklerender is a little wild child.  Black Claw + Hunting Party can take down almost anything.  Having two breeds of this is extremely useful as the S/S (Speed) and P/P (Power) can be used to the best effect in different ways on different Tamers.  This guy is also extremely useful for the Tiny Terrors of Tanaan achievement and daily battles.  This guy is easy and fun to farm now that we’re all (mostly) level 100.  zandalari-anklerender.v8207You can go kill Zandalari Dinomancers on the Isle of Giants in Pandaria and hope for him to drop, the chance is moderate.  You can get one of four Zandalari pets, the Anklerender is just one (but the best!)  The other little fellows have different movesets – except the Kneebiter, who I think is a mirror of the Anklerender.


The final pet in the list of six is the vendor-bought (in Exodar) Yellow Moth, power breed P/P.  yellow_moth.v6052You might need to buy-and-learn a few Moths to get a P/P breed, but they cost something along the lines of 30 silver, so I think this pet is available to everyone.  But for PVE, this pet is fantastic and strong against the many aquatic pets that Tamers have around Azeroth.  I love the moveset, Moth Dust, with it’s chance to sleep.  Moth Balls are situationally good to slow your opponent and the avoidance move Cocoon is hard to beat.  I will always take Alpha Strike though, over Slicing Wind.  It’s a solid fighter against a wide variety of PVE content, I love her!


Now onto PVP!

To be perfectly honest, I’m tempted to keep my PVP team a secret, because my record since I’ve started using it is about 70 wins, 1 tie.  Not even a loss.  Just a tie.  It might be 80 or 90 wins, I cannot remember when I got Graves exactly, but it was before my move to my new house and I’ve been here for 7 weeks or so.  But hands down, Graves is the best PVP pet I’ve ever seen come around the meta.


It’s kind of ridiculous – his Bonestorm and Grave Destruction are just whopping strong AOE moves and his hefty health and fill-in attack Skull Toss is crazy great.  I know people just hate him.  I know!  But he’s just too good not to use.  To get him you have to level to 20 in Heroes of the Storm – but you can do it all for free… and it doesn’t actually take that long and it’s actually a really fun game anyway!


I pair him with another hated PVP pet, the Fossilized Hatchling.  Yep, I’m THAT gal.  urlHis Bonestorm, Ancient Blessing and Claw are ridiculously overpowered on their own let alone tied with Graves.  Basically, because of his moveset, you’re always going to give 500+ points of back line damage, because you always get 2 Bonestorms off. It honestly all should be nerfed.  Graves, Foss Hatch, all of it.  It’s stupid that I haven’t lost a PVP match in  weeks.  But while it’s working, I’m using it.  You can get the Fossilized Hatchling with the Archaeology skill – but you can also buy him on the Auction House!


The third pet on my team – and another fantastic PVP pet, is my Speedy S/S Tolai Hare Pup (but any S/S bunny will work). tolai-hare-pup.v7384 He’s my sweeper and will often win the battle because of his 357 speed and mega-avoidance abilities.  I often come up against other undead and since his Flurry move is Strong-Vs-Undead, I will end up winning.   More often though?  He sits on the backline and never even gets used at all.  That is how stupidly strong this team is. Bunnies are wild caught pets that can be found all over Azeroth.  Just make sure you’re using a breed addon so you can find that special S/S Speed breed. I only have had one tie, and it was a team with two of the next pet I’m going to talk about.


Fragment of Anger is a pet I only use for Erris in my Garrison – but a PVP team with two of these is a beastly team indeed.  Extremely strong with it’s AOE attack Spitfire Beam married with the crazy hefty Soulrush make this undead pet wildly strong. fragment-of-anger.v9289


You can find this pet in the Black Temple raid, it drops from the Reliquary of the Lost event but it only has a chance to drop, the other two types of Fragments (Suffering, Desire) can drop as well.  So your best bet might be trying the Auction House if you don’t want to wait it out trying every week/every alt.  Luckily Black Temple is super easy to solo.

The last pet is the popular Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling, which has been used in PVP a ton! I see it all the time paired with the Fossilized Hatchling which is a strong combo as well.  The Decoy ability is wildly great (but bring a bunny if you want to counter it, haha!) and of course, Thunderstorm is it’s go-to ability. mechanical-pandaren-dragonling.v7384 It’s an crafted pet, made by Engineers – so you can get a friend to make you one or of course, head to the Auction House.



There are a lot of other pets that can be used (sometimes) successfully in the PVP meta, of course, entirely depending on your matchup.  But nothing else that is just a beast to get through or annoying to handle as these.  I see a lot of people trying to use Howl+Bomb swaps and in the current meta giving your opponent all those free turns because you’re swapping is just not working at all.  I don’t recommend it.  The ever-popular Clone Dance team of Blighthawk/Jademist Dancer/Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling can’t even stand against my Graves/Fossilized Hatchling/Tolai Hare Pup team.  I beat them consistently.


So take this all with a grain of salt, it’s my opinion based on my experience.  I’ve only got about 2300 PVP wins, I don’t go crazy with it and I haven’t gotten the 5000 win achievement (and don’t plan to unless it happens without me realizing it).  But it is all that I do.  I just thought I’d make a list to answer that ‘most popular google search!’

Thanks for watching, subscribing to my YouTube channel and commenting.  I hope there is a ton of stuff to do in Legion, so I can make more videos and tips/guides in the coming months!



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  1. Great list! That PvP team is straight nasty. Wow.

    For PvE, I’d submit Lil’ XT. Heartbroken + Tympanic Tantrum = a lot of pain. He’s not good in PvP because it’s too obvious a play. But since PvE encounters are (for the most part) scripted, you can plan when to use that combo and nuke the other team. I pair him with Gilnean Raven and slaughter the Jade Forest, Vale, and Krasarang trainers. He’s deadly against any PvE encounter with a beast. Plus, he reminds me of all the wonderful times I had in Ulduar.

  2. As far as the Elekk Plushie goes, he definitely wins the most health battle – but the reality is most players won’t ever bother using the plushie because it has no actual attacks. Punching Bag’ is probably a more appropriate term than ‘paperweight’ though because as simpetar mentions he is a “fantastic tank.


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