Tiny Terrors of Tanaan Jungle Achievement!

Locations of all the Legendary Battle Pets and route

All the locations of the new Legendary Battle Pets in Warlords of Draenor 6.2 Patch Content in Tanaan Jungle!

Locations of all the Legendary Battle Pets and route

Locations of all the Legendary Battle Pets and route

As most of you are probably already aware – there are a bunch of new Legendary Battle Pets for us to find and battle daily in the new zone Tanaan Jungle.  You can fight them each day and if you defeat them, they reward Fel-Touched Battle Pet Supplies – which drops the basic stuff that reward bags already drop, but of course, there is a chance to drop new pets! Most of them are just re-skins of pets we already have, but one, the Nightmare Bell.

This map shows the location of all the new legendary Battle Pets and a convenient route that I used on the PTR.  I flew to Ruins of Kran’ak (you unlock this flying destination in the first few quests, also, you can just run up there and grab it via exploration) then started at the far west point on the map in the water location north of Zeth’gol.

Two locations are tricky to get to; the one south of Fangrila is the spot of the cave entrance for the Chaos Pup – you have to enter the cave and go all the way down into it, he’s located in the very back near the water. (Do not go up the ramp inside the cave, he’s on the main level)

And Skrillix, the location just under the giant rock at Throne of Kil’jaeden, he’s across some puddles and rocks and inside a cave.  You can see how to get to Skrillix here.

Once you beat them all, you get an achievement.  The achievement does not reward anything – the bags from defeating them are our reward – and the pets of course!

I did not find the need to do a video guide for the fights, as they are SUPER easy and I only have 1 team for the majority of them;

Zandalari Anklerender (P/P breed AND S/S breed is useful), Celestial Dragon, Tolai Hare Pup (S/S breed)

Pandaren Water Spirit, Chrominius, Celestial Dragon (for special teams)

For most of the fights, I didn’t even have to use my Tolai Hare Pup – he was just there for speedy mop up.

But there are a couple fights which are more difficult – and some teams have to be adjusted for what backline pets the Legendary Battle Pet comes with – they change daily!  I liked the Celestial Dragon because it was strong against Flying type and the beefy heal kept it alive to deal with anything else I came across with.  It is really a pro.

Rematch addon Export Code for General Team:

Legendary Pets:0:1211:921:920:919:255:860:611:595:441:360:312:159:

Rematch addon Export Codes for Specific Teams:


Felsworn Sentry:94601:868:118:513:418:255:860:611:595:1152:110:362:593:


Skrillix:94649:868:118:513:418:255:860:611:595:1226:429:312:362: (Chrominius was so weak/slow against him, better to use S/S Lil’ Bad Wolf)

Howl Bomb for the teams that use it (Whirlpool, Geyser, switch to Chrominius/Lil’ Bad Wolf, Howl, Surge of Power or Bite to finish him off)

For the Anklerenders: Primal Cry, Black Claw, Hunting Party.  By that time, the next Primal Cry usually finishes them off and you’re working on their buffed up backline.

The Celestial Dragon just shines for taking out the backline but I’m pretty sure MANY pets can fill this role.  A lot of people like the Anubisath Idol, but he’s boring and overused and slow as all get-out, so I prefer a prettier pet.  It’s just personal preference.  Loads of other pets can fill out these teams and I am sure as more and more people do the battles, more and more people will figure out different ways to defeat them!


You can find the addon Rematch here.

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  1. Thank you for posting this map of all the battle pets in tanaan jungle! Can’t tell you how much time you saved me:)

  2. A correction to this, Chaos Pup is not located in a cave south of Fang’rila. He is in a cave at Temple of Sha’naar (west of Fang’rila).

    • On the map it just looks like it’s south, westish. Now after tromping all over the zone – describing it as Temple of Sha’naar would make loads more sense. But this was made from the PTR before I tromped all over in live 🙂

  3. Thanks. Great map and very helpful. I found this better then wowhead.

  4. Well this is super helpful Jen, since I still haven’t quite figured out where some of them are (and can’t be bothered going to Wowhead). This map looks GREAT for when we get flying btw! 😀

  5. hello – great article – do you have any (rematch) more export codes for wod especially tanaan jungle pet battles?


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