Rematch Export Codes for all Teams! An Awfully Big Adventure

You can see in all my videos that I use the wonderful, genius addon called Rematch, found here.  If you don’t use any other addon in your game, you should be using this one.  It’s just really that spectacular.  Pet Battler aydia commented here on my site that I should export my Pet Teams for An Awfully Big Adventure to make it even easier for people — and I didn’t even realize that was possible!  Particularly useful for the Achievement An Awfully Big Adventure 🙂

So without further ado, here are the codes for each team, listed by Tamer name.   (Once you download and install Rematch to your Addons folder and have it fired up in your game, all you do is Copy the import code here and Paste it into the “Import” dialog in the addon Rematch – the “Import” button is to the left of the search bar)



Aki the Chosen:66741:1211:110:364:919:277:384:713:710:0:0:0:0:

Thundering Pandaren Spirit:68465:289:445:369:564:339:777:282:334:0:0:0:0:

Courageous Yon:66738:1167:525:597:612:338:777:646:209:0:0:0:0:

Burning Pandaren Spirit:68463:1155:406:436:490:173:803:509:423:0:0:0:0:

Seeker Zusshi:66918:173:803:509:423:140:504:506:508:0:0:0:0:

Wastewalker Shu:66739:1042:626:506:573:116:384:204:209:0:0:0:0:

Flowing Pandaren Spirit:68462:534:420:190:170:1167:525:597:612:0:0:0:0:


Farmer Nishi:66734:0:0:0:0:383:118:230:297:338:777:646:209:

Hyuna of the Shrines:66730:1167:525:597:612:140:504:506:508:0:0:0:0:

Whispering Pandaren Spirit:68464:557:421:277:595:1152:110:362:593:0:0:0:0:

Beegle Blastfuse:66635:1165:122:489:589:1068:504:256:517:1426:1335:1345:1334:


Okrut Dragonwaste:0:441:360:312:159:441:360:312:159:1426:1335:1345:1334:

Nearly Headless Jacob:0:441:360:312:159:441:360:312:159:1426:1335:1345:1334:

Major Payne:66675:443:360:312:159:254:455:634:636:1426:1335:1345:1334:

Bloodknight Antari:66557:538:122:256:657:514:713:490:307:0:0:0:0:



Goz Banefury:0:173:803:509:423:338:777:646:209:1426:1335:1345:1334:

Bordin Steadyfist:0:173:803:509:423:868:118:513:564:1426:1335:1345:1334:

Lorewalker Cho:0:446:445:447:450:844:115:779:334:1426:1335:1345:1334:

Taran Zhu:0:457:160:371:159:1068:504:256:517:1426:1335:1345:1334:


Blingtron 4000:0:868:118:123:564:838:383:339:436:1426:1335:1345:1334:

Shademaster Kiryn:0:167:210:743:632:117:477:206:481:1426:1335:1345:1334:

Sully “The Pickle” McCleary:0:1182:118:232:934:732:504:506:507:1426:1335:1345:1334:

Chen Stormstout:0:254:777:634:293:1330:152:1050:1049:1426:1335:1345:1334:

Dr. Ion Goldbloom:71934:1178:901:392:204:1320:1002:989:985:1426:1335:1345:1334:


Jeremy Feasel:0:1161:122:168:405:844:115:647:334:1426:1335:1345:1334:

Christoph VonFeasel:85519:538:122:214:657:39:384:392:459:1426:1335:1345:1334:


Cymre Brightblade:83837:514:713:490:307:1565:459:1049:919:1426:1335:1345:1334:

Tarr the Terrible:0:1238:422:218:321:456:117:665:170:1426:1335:1345:1334:





Nicki Tinytech, Ras’an, Narrok, Morulu the Elder, Stone Cold Trixxy and Lydia Accoste can all be done with any 2 level 25 pets (But for Lydia Accoste, 1 Rabbit can solo her 🙂 )

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  1. Holy crap you’re amazing. I just saw your reply to my comment asking you to do this and I came back here to link a how to on how to do this since you said you didn’t know it was possible and I see this!! I fuckin love you dude!

  2. Hello. I was wondering if I am doing something wrong. When I import the teams it does not add the Elekk plushie to the team. Rather it adds a leveling pet from the leveling queue. Is this intentional? Or am I doing something wrong?

    • It might be one of my saved teams accidentally has a leveling pet slotted (since a lot of the teams are used as leveling teams) Sorry it took me so long to respond, I’ve been extremely busy RL!!

  3. You are awesome! I stumbled on your site after looking for help with the rematch app, and found so much more! ty!!

  4. I just checked my imports to see who I have to level for pandaria and seems wise mari has wolpertinger, yellow moth, and scourged whelp. Also some reason coming up as no target. Thanks for posting all these it has been helping big time on knocking the tamers out

  5. I tried to follow the instructions above…but there is no import button appearing on the rematch add on in game….how do make this appear ? better yet…i lost all my teams recently for some odd reason…maybe was an update ? is there anyway to salvage all those teams i made ? can they be loaded from intereface folder somewhere ? pls help…manyhours would be saved…thanks you


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