HAHAH This was the best thing today :)

I made this horrible troll Sunlight team run away 😀


I grabbed a quick screenshot right at the last second.  Oh man, I run into that guy a lot on my Pet Battle group – he runs with a Crawdad, Turnip and Zao.  It’s a horrible stall team and it’s just miserably trolly.

I gotta thank Discodoggy for introducing me to the wonders of a H/S Tiny Twister in PvP — 289 doesn’t seem fast, but in the current meta it’s quite hefty 😀  Switch into the Weebom once you have Lightning Storm up and his AOE is strong!  I don’t always win – but when I do, the new Micro-Sentry from Sunwell never even makes an appearance 😀

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  1. Noticed in your screenshots you’re using the addon Rematch. Could you possibly add the export codes of your teams to your posts so I can grab them easier!? thanks a bunch! love your blog, lots of helpful teams


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