Patch 6.1 Lands Today!

If you didn’t already know – Patch 6.1 has loads of content coming up for Pet Battlers.  Warcraft Pets and Wowhead have great guides up for anyone needing to look at all the goodies, I won’t be re-hashing it here. 🙂

But I did want to mention since my site is all about the guides, that the Menagerie Dailies and Quests to open your Menagerie have all been nerfed!  They were quite easy already if you had a large stable of 25s – but I think Blizzard didn’t want such a gating system for such a casual, fun part of the game and decided they wanted more people to be able to enjoy it – which I love!


See you out there in PvP battles everyone! 🙂

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