PvP Jensketch style

So I have this team that I have named “Anti-Whatever” because it’s basically a team formulated to be a counter to all the Flavor of the Month teams that are still boringly played in my queue. (I’m actually disgusted by the lack of imagination on Stormrage’s queue – I still have yet to see ANY new pets used.  It’s becoming pathetic.)

At any rate, while I generally jealousy guard my PvP teams, it’s not a mystery what is strong against the boring pets I see all the time.



This guy ran 2 Mechanical Pandaren Dragonlings and 1 Fossilized Hatchling.  What a jerk.  A monumental jerk.

He was so afraid of my Whirlpool from my P/P Emperor Crab that he kept switching out to use Decoy against it, to his downfall.  That was a dumb rookie mistake.  He also probably thought he was super clever killing my backline with all his AOE – all the while I was happily whittling down each of his pets with all the free hits he gave me because he just kept switching.  So my Shack (named after Joe’s Crab Shack of course) P/P Emperor Crab, solo’d that jerk cheese team.  It was a delicious win.

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  1. Just wanted to let you know that your screenshot shows your teams. Didn’t know if you wanted that to show or not since you commented how you like to keep your teams a secret.

  2. Thanks for this – I keep coming up against a 2 x MPDs and 1 x Weebomination. I was ready to rage log off but hopefully this team will beat the jerk!


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