Wandering Tamer coming to your Garrison in 6.1! Video?

So as I’m basically just doing Pet Battle PvP every day, farming herbs for my awesome guild, or riding around with Pepe on my head — (before my latest Mog)


I’m just as anxious as the rest of you for the new Pet Battle content coming in 6.1!  I am hitting a conundrum though.  I didn’t want to do any PTR, because I want the content to be fresh and exciting.  But, alas, I am wondering about strats for the new Wandering Tamer that comes to your Garrison and a Video of course.  I know they have “changing” abilities but come on, we all know we will still be able to figure out how to beat them, even if they use a different ability (choice of 6, like we have for each of our pets) each time.  It’s a teensy change, but not one that is staggeringly difficult.


With the big nerf incoming to the Garrison Menagerie daily battles, I suppose a little bit harder Tamer coming along is a nice way to placate those of us who like a challenge! (I am disappointed in the nerf.  The Menagerie dailies were super easy to me.  But then, we’re Pet Battle people.)  They arguable were too tough for your casual Pet Battler.  So that’s what I’m wondering – do I make a video (or two, or three) and spoil myself of new content or wait?   I’m sure I’ll decide soon 🙂  Hopefully 6.1 is just over the horizon – I’m pretty bored! :p


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  1. So now that you’ve seen it are you disappointed? You can almost pick any three level 25 pets and win against the critters trainer that sometimes visits your garrison…now if only they’d up the droprate on the pets lol.

  2. A little 🙂 But I am glad that they are making pet battling more accessible to everyone — A lot of my hardcore raiders in my guild are beginning to get the little achievements that you get at the start, it’s adorable 😀 😀


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