Wrathion – 2 pet strategy for An Awfully Big Adventure Elekk Plushie achievement

Garrison Menagerie and Elekk Plushie pet!

This fight seems like it’s going to be crazy annoying – but after you get through the ordeal with the Cricket, the Flayer Youngling just sweeps the floor with these Dragons.

Team used:

  • Red Cricket
  • Flayer Youngling
  • (Elekk Plushie/Carry Pet)


I used the Red Cricket here purely because of the Power stat it has. ┬áI have not tried other Crickets because the performance of the Red Cricket is just so strong. ┬áInstead of doing a narrative description this time of the fight, I’m just going to literally list out the moves in order:

Swarm (3 rounds)


Nature’s Touch (during Cindy’s rez round)

>Alex comes out


>Cricket Dies, bring out Flayer Youngling

Blitz until Alex is dead

>Dah’da comes out


Blitz x2

Deflection when Elementium Bolt is at 1 round.


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  1. Any specific breed for Flayer? I believe you use a S/S in another strat.


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