Wise Mari – 2 pet strategy for An Awfully Big Adventure Elekk Plushie Achievement

Garrison Menagerie and Elekk Plushie pet!

This fight is interesting because it’s not very scripted – and it’s almost just at your discretion.  You can generally safely use what abilities you feel are going to work here because it’s a solid strat and will be successful.  The basic idea though is switching in to use Call Darkness on the big heal that Wise Mari’s Spirus pet can use.  Team used:

  • P/P Yellow Moth
  • Scourged Whelpling
  • <Elekk Plushie/Carry Pet>



Your Moth is just wonderfully suited to take out her Fish – so bring it out first and pummel it with Moth Dust and Alpha Strike.  He goes down fast.  When Wise Mari brings out Spirus you can switch to your Scourged Whelpling and really, just use your abilities as you can.  You can watch the video to see what I did, but it almost does not matter.  Call Darkness so Spirus’ heal is weakened and just go to town with Tail Sweep.  You will probably finish off Spirus with one Alpha Strike from your Moth and then it’s time to get to work on River.  It can be down to the wire, but the power your Moth has can still finish him off nicely and you never know, if you manage to proc a sleep from your Moth Dust, you’re set.  Make sure to Cocoon so you don’t get hit with one of Rivers’ Whirlpools and it should work out alright.

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