Sully “The Pickle” McLeary – 2 pet strategy for An Awfully Big Adventure Elekk Plushie achievement

Garrison Menagerie and Elekk Plushie pet!

Kind of a scripted fight – details after the video below.  I was really frustrated with this one but nabbed this strat off a user from – honestly this is just genius, as I really haven’t seen another successful 2 pet strategy yet for this fight in particular.

Team Used:

  • Swamp Croaker
  • P/S Moth w/Speed >264
  • Elekk Plushie/Carry


Bring your Swamp Croaker out first.  It seems crazy, but he is actually faster than Sully’s pets!  This is great too because you get some amazing use out of him here.  First, use Bubble to mitigate damage and then lay down a Swarm of Flies on round 2.  After that, just Water Jet spam until Socks is dead.  On Socks’ rez round, refresh Swarm of Flies for the incoming Monte.

Being faster is really awesome here because you can pop Monte with a Water Jet — because he Burrows first!  This allows you the much needed Bubble.  Seriously is great because you just Water Jet Monte until your Croaker is dead.  Out comes your Moth.  Use Moth Balls right away – you really want the Speed Buff to proc – this is kind of essential.  I’m not entirely sure you can pull off a win without it!

Sometimes you get really lucky and your Moth Balls kills Monte.  If not, then your next Alpha Strike definitely will.  Out comes Rikki and if Moth Balls is up, use that.  Now it’s not too scripted here – use your discretion.  Use Cocoon to mitigate some damage and Moth Balls and Alpha Strike as you see fit.  Hopefully you have the Speed Buff when you’re below 50% health, it helps.  But even if you don’t sometimes you can still eek out a victory!  Good luck!

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  1. I’ve tried this several times now, and my Swamp Croaker dies to Socks on his rez round every time. How did that not happen to you?

    • I’ve done this fight a lot — and it’s very particular! I do mention that crits are bad and the fight should be re-done if you get crit. Watch the accompanying video (did I link it? I should have) and you can see the exact moveset lineup.

      • Thanks. I noodled around with some other pets since I posted the comment and actually just won (barely) with Swamp Croaker and a Vampiric Batling (which I realize won’t help some people). I found it more helpful to bubble on Socks’ rez turn, and then refresh Flies when Monte is underground. I also used Tongue Lash instead of Water Jet. I finished off Monte with the Batling’s bite, then Reckless Strike, Hawkeye, Reckless Strike on Rikki. Had to restart a couple times for Rikki’s dodge, but it eventually got it done.

  2. Mud Jumper (1,2,1) is easier to acquire than the Swamp Croaker and has the same stats.

    • Easier for anyone just starting the game maybe but I did the guide in beta – before the pets were even released in the wild 😉 This guide does not require you to go out and get any new Draenor pets at all – and who didn’t get the Isle of Thunder pets anyway? No one I know 😉

  3. I’ve used Chi-Chi instead of the Moth.
    It makes the fight a bit more stable.
    Especially since the frog might die to earlie.
    But you have to complete the tournament first to get Chi-Chi.
    Ethereal instead of cocoon or bubble. Remember you can also switch in the Plush to take burrow damage.
    Tranquility when available it keeps you alive.
    And Alpha Strike.

  4. It took 3 tries – The Croaker died against Socks the first 2 times and the Moths had too much to do. So I switched to my P/P Yellow Moth and that time the Croaker lived and it went pretty much exactly like your video – except my Moth was still over half health.


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