Lorewalker Cho – Elekk Plushie Achievement Strategy – An Awfully Big Adventure

Garrison Menagerie and Elekk Plushie pet!

This is the 2 pet strategy for Lorewalker Cho for the Achievement An Awfully Big Adventure.   Team Used:

  • P/P Jade Oozeling
  • Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling
  • <Elekk Plushie/Carry Pet>


You start with your Jade Oozeling, having taken Ooze Touch, Corrosion and Expunge as your abilities.

Start with Corrosion>Expunge>Ooze Touch

Lorewalker Cho’s Broom comes in


Your Oozeling dies and switch to Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling

Breath Spam!  You’re hoping here for your high hits with this ability.  This is where the RNG comes into play.  In the video I got lucky and hit high dmg hits every time.  The fight goes much more smoothly that way.

Broom dies and Lorewalker Cho’s Golden Dragon Hatchling named Knowledge comes out.

You use Decoy, then Breath Spam until your opponent is <592 hit points and then blast him with your Thunderbolt.


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