Dr. Ion Goldbloom – 2 pet strategy for An Awfully Big Adventure Elekk Plushie achievement

Garrison Menagerie and Elekk Plushie pet!

This fight was totally different since I tested it on the beta – which was alright because I had to figure out a different strategy.  This one was courtesy of an anonymous wowhead user who was way down the line of comments — I love finding unusual strats like this.  But it works and I showcase it here.

Team used:

  • Sunreaver Micro Sentry
  • Lil’ Bling
  • <Elekk Plushie/Carry Pet>


This fight is a bit particular but not too bad.  I really hate Direhorns 🙂   Bring out your Sunreaver Micro Sentry first and use Extra Plating while Screamer does Lift-Off.  Then pop him with Call Lightning and a Fel Immolate.  The next turn he will Feign Death so you want to switch out to your Lil’ Bling on the same turn.

Trike is just icky, I hate him.  I hate Direhorns they are so tough! 😛  Use Inflation right away on Trike and cross your fingers that you do not get stunned.  If you do it’s not the end of the world but the fight goes a lot better if you don’t.  Three turns of Inflation should kill Trike if you do not get stunned.  Out comes Screamer – and here you can throw your Gift at him and if it misses, you heal if it doesn’t – he dies! It’s kinda great.  Now you have 2 pets against the last one, Chaos.

Chaos is fast and can really pack a punch – however the ability he uses is just 50% hit rate and he misses a lot!  It can obviously go really really well or really really poorly.  I got lucky in the video but don’t despair!  Might as well debuff him so use Inflation until your Lil’ Bling is down for the count.  Then bring back your Sunreaver Micro Sentry and smack him with whatever you want.  He’ll take it to the face and you’ve won!

Readers Comments (2)

  1. This does not work reliably .. I’ve followed your guide on Ion Goldbloom 4 times now. Only been stunned once.. but not a single time has Three turns of Inflation been sufficient.

    • Well I know I used this strat myself for the Plushie just recently – the last time he was up, and it worked just fine. I am not sure if the devs have gone in and changed anything. They can hotfix and change just about anything now and they do it quite a lot!


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