Aki the Chosen – 2 pet strategy for leveling & Elekk Plushie achievement An Awfully Big Adventure

I love this strat and this is one of my favorite fights that I do nearly every day.  It’s quick, efficient and works every time, there is zero reliance on RNG here.   I got this strat eons ago on warcraftpets.com – they have a guide there that I’ve used for the Pandaria Tamers forever now.  It’s totally fantastic!  I share it here because I still see people asking about how to do those Pandaria Tamers all the time and these strats should be shared!

Team Used:

  • P/P Zandalari Anklerender
  • Clockwork Gnome
  • <Carry Pet/Elekk Plushie>


The set up is pretty specific;  open with your Anklerender.  Bite/Bite/Leap/Leap <cricket is dead> Black Claw the dragon <Anklerender dies> Switch to your Clockwork Gnome and use Build Turret.  Watch the insanity as that 1 shots the dragon.  It’s utterly fantastic!  Then, when Whiskers the Otter comes in, switch to your carry pet/Elekk Plushie.  Whiskers will Dive, so switch back to your Clockwork Gnome and use Build Turret again.  Next turn, Metal Fist — your Turrets take care of the rest.  It’s beautiful!

Readers Comments (3)

  1. Didn’t see this when I first started farming her, so I had a slight variation.

    S/S Zandalari Anklerender or Kneebiter, Clockwork Gnome. It’s not as efficient on the dragon but for folks that have S/S for other fights and don’t want to grind out for a P/P:

    Black Claw, Leap x3 -> dead cricket, Black Claw -dead dino;
    Build Turret, Metal Fist -> dead dragon, Metal Fist ( miss from dive), Build Turret, Metal Fist, Metal Fist (he will use Survival, and turret will take him to ~1 hp), Metal Fist (hiya 0 damage if already at 1), any ability -watch your pet die and the turret finish him off

    Alternatively the first leap could be a bite, but it will still take 4 rounds either way.

  2. This no longer works. I’ve spent the last 10 battles and it gets to either 137 or 30 hp which messes up the entire battle. When it works it’s nice, but it doesn’t work more than it does work.

    • It has worked for me for almost two years now. It still works. Perhaps you’re not using a P/P anklerender? Could be the issue, that’s why I always mention the breed needed for the battle. It matters.


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