Chen Stormstout – Elekk Plushie Achievement 2 pet battle!

Garrison Menagerie and Elekk Plushie pet!

For the achievement An Awfully Big Adventure – Chen Stormstout of the Celestial Tournament has a team that packs a mean punch – but not mean enough for us!  I took a Blue Clockwork Rocket Bot and a Death Adder Hatchling to task to beat him for the 2-pet achievement.  Using a level 1 Wolpertinger in place of the Elekk Plushie.  He didn’t mind :p

Team Used:

  • P/S Blue Clockwork Rocket Bot
  • P/S Death Adder Hatchling
  • <Carry Pet/Elekk Plushie>

Lay down a Minefield first – for the incoming Cricket.  Then spam your Launch Rocket at the Dino.  You will take loads of damage but you’ll survive and he will die.  The cricket switches in and takes the all-important 618 damage from the Minefield, then he summarily puts your Blue Rocket Bot to sleep.  Switch to the Death Adder.  Even an S/S breed isn’t faster than this Cricket and that is where the extra power really comes in handy.  You’re going to take some damage from his Swarm ability, but you will handle him with a Poison Fang & Puncture Would.

Then his Alemental comes in and you’re staring him down with your Death Adder.  You will want to Blind, but wait! Don’t do it.  He uses 2 abilities that while annoying, are harmless (yes, inebriate is harmless) and you will want to Blind is big attack from Barrel Toss.  So wait two rounds, casting only Poison Fang,  while he does Inebriate and winds-up his Barrel Toss and on the turn that he can fire it off, THEN blind him.  You’re going to be avoiding some big damage here and then you can even get off a Puncture Would.  Your Death Adder worked hard but then gets killed.  Switch back to your Rocket Bot.

Your mechanical attacks are weak against the Alemental, but if your Death Adder was successful, your enemy should be at low health.  He still has a poison applied and 1 missile from you should finish the job!

Readers Comments (4)

  1. Wouldn’t P/S Death Adder Hatchling actually be the only working breed, as it will be faster than Brewly? B/B and S/S are also faster but less powerful and it looks like a close call anyways.

    • Yes but even the S/S isn’t faster than the Cricket – which is who you’re really working against, hence why I think the little bit of extra power would work. And a close call is ok, since you only need to do these once, ever.

      • I was more referring to your comment on the video that P/P could be even better, nut it’s not faster than Brewly, and so P/S is the only one that works as it has enough power to beat the two pets? 🙂 Actually I don’t know what I was looking at when I said B/B & S/S because B/B only has 276 speed. So it would actually be S/S, P/S, H/S and S/B breeds that are faster, and P/S has the highest power obviously and you wouldn’t want to use any other breed as with the fight is a close call even with the P/S. I could’ve phrased myself somewhat better. 🙂

        • I didn’t think about that – but you’re totally right! Guess I’m glad I always stuck with my P/S Death Adders 😀

          A lot of the Celestial 2 pet strats are tricky – which is quite alright with me, they are supposed to be! But doable, and we only have to do these once.

          Believe me when I say that I tried *loads* of strats before settling on one. 😀


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