Taran Zhu – Elekk Plushie Achievement 2 pet battle!

The strategy here is scripted at the start – but because Taran Zhu has been toned down, it’s become a fun and easy fight to handle for your An Awfully Big Adventure achievement.

Team Used:

  • Festering Maggot
  • S/S Crow
  • <carry pet/Elekk Plushie>

Open with the Maggot – any Maggot will do, you just need to make sure you take the abilities Consume, Sticky Goo and Burrow.

Round 1 – Burrow

Round 2 – Sticky Goo

Round 3 – Consume

Recycle Consume & Sticky Goo, use Burrow on every cooldown to avoid his Blackout Kick.  When the first Panda is down and he brings out the second, go ahead and switch to the Crow.  The reason why you want a S/S breed here is for speed even once the flying racial buff drops off.  You make quick work of him with the generic Crow set up of Call Darkness + Nocturnal Strike and Alpha Strike spam.  You even get to hit the final Panda a couple times before the Crow dies and you switch back to the Maggot and finish him off.

Readers Comments (3)

  1. Dont have a “Nazi” Crow? (as I like to call them), fear not fellow adventurer, an S/S Alpine Foxling with Howl + Bite will take out Li and leave everything set for Bolo to die at hand of your Maggot (I used an H/S).

  2. this didnt work


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