An Awfully Big Adventure – Cymre Brightblade – Alternate Strategy

After much harangue and testing, I found a different team to use for this achievement.  The Magical Crawdad & Emerald Proto-Whelp team is still viable, but this one is too and it feels more secure.  I just liked it a lot better when I used it for the past two days.

Team Used:

S/S Flayer Youngling

S/S Mechanical Scorpid

Elekk Plushie (also, carry pet, as I think this is a good leveling strategy team)

The fight is very script-heavy and really cannot deviate much, but that’s ok because you only need to do this technically once for the achievement and if you aren’t interested in leveling your pets on the Tamers then you can just skip her and use my three pet strategy every other time! 🙂

Open with your S/S Flayer Youngling, who is extremely well equipped to handle Idol of Decay with Deflect, Kick and Blitz.  You will be using Deflect on every CD to keep the Idol from being able to hit you with his Rot ability.  Kick on CD as well to interrupt and do some damage and then just Blitz til he’s dead.  Remember, at <250 hps the Idol of Decay is going to use his Dark Rebirth ability so you can either ignore it and pass through or just let him do it and kill him anyway.  Since you’re always going to be deflecting Rot, it makes little to no difference for your Flayer’s health.

Once the Lantern moves in, stun with Kick, Deflect the Sunlight and then switch to your Mechanical Scorpid.  This pet is a Draenor pet but very easily attained in just a few days if you have an Engineering plot in your Garrison.  Otherwise I’m sure the AH will drop it 😉

Use Wind-Up then Black Claw then Wind-Up again for some gorgeous damage.  Doing Wind-Up/Wind-Up again straight away will kill the Lantern and you’re set to deal with Gyrexle.  At this point you are almost dead so just debuff Gyrexle with Black Claw and switch to your Flayer Youngling when the Scorpid dies.  The Black Claw debuff allows you to just rake him over the coals!

Readers Comments (7)

  1. Fantastic guide, can’t wait to give this a go in a few weeks.

  2. IS there any other possible teams you could use if you do not have the S/S pets you used in this video?

    • Yes, I have two strats up (you can search my site for Cymre) you can use a Magical Crawdad and Emerald Proto-Whelp — but it’s not as successful and can be unlucky with RNG.

      This just happens to be one of the toughest two-pet fights there is. Luckily there are only a couple of them and you only have to do it once! 🙂

  3. Btw sry, i wrote it all wrong…in this video Idol of Decay has 287 speed also. My Flayer Youngling is much slower than the one in the video – it has 260 speed.

  4. Where is the video? YouTube insists “This video does not exist.”


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