Kromli & Gromli – Garrison Menagerie Pet Battle Daily

Watch the video for full strat –

This is an extremely RNG fight that can go really your way or really NOT your way.
Team used:

Yellow Moth
Death Adder Hatchling

The Yellow Moth is out first and it’s important to use Cocoon Strike at the start because you want to avoid Kromli‘s Rupture. Then use Moth Dust and hope for it to proc it’s sleep. It’s not completely the end of the world if it doesn’t proc — but you may want to restart the fight if it does not. It is such an RNG fight that it’s ideal if it lands. If Kromli is put to sleep, it will switch to Gromli and you get a couple good Alpha Strikein because he just uses Stoneskin right away. You will want to use Cocoon Strike on cooldown – because avoiding their big damage is key.

Your Death Adder Hatchling is used in the time-honored way as usual. Blinding Poison, Poison Fang and Puncture Wound what we’re really after is the Blinding Poison to just avoid those hits. RNG will be in your favor if Gromli‘s nasty Haymaker misses and he stuns himself. It is really all up to RNG. Some fights I’ve soloed the whole thing with the Yellow Moth, sometimes I’ve used both pets but not the Blighthawk and sometimes, I’ve lost.

I find the ‘not sure how it’s going to work out’ factor rather fun though! Happy Battling!

Readers Comments (2)

  1. The one thing I would change is if you put Kromli to sleep we know Gromli will come out but instead of using Cocoon Strike on cooldown just use alpha strike and the reasoning is that Gromli has an ability that will probably miss and then he swaps out with Kromli and Kromli has 1 round left on the stun debuff so we alpha strike on swap and then Cocoon strike to avoid rupture again and then try to put him to sleep again and start the process all over again. Basically my thinking is that if Kromli is alive we save Cocoon strike for rupture and nothing else.

  2. Sjell-Terokkar August 7, 2015 @ 8:27 am

    I’ve had a tough time with these guys… umm… always. Never have been able to find a consistent winner. Just saw your Yellow Moth strat, and thought “hey… I’ve got a bunch of moths leveled…”. Sure enough. 3 moths = 100 winner. Just use Cocoon Strike whenever the big attack is off cooldown and you’re golden.


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