King Floret & Queen Floret – Daily Menagerie Pet Battle

The team I used was:

I tried a variety of other teams that were successful as well – triple Zandalari teams worked. Elementals with Aquatic attacks worked. But I don’t like taking chances and I like speed and efficiency and a high rate of success that doesn’t depend on RNG.

Because King Floret and his partner Queen Floret use the crazy strong combo Righteous Inspiration you basically have to come to grips with the fact that your pets are going to get annihilated! But that’s ok, it’s why this fight is fun. Queen Floret is out first and because you know that Righteous Inspiration is just around the corner, don’t waste your Rot just debuff with Wild Magic and pack one or two Shadow Slash in. Then King Floret comes out and now the fun begins. Use Rot and then use Wild Magic switch to your Infected Squirrel and Stampede to victory! When he is dead and Queen Floret comes back in – you will likely be able to debuff with Rabid Strike and then one Stampede before your Sumprush Rodent mops up incredibly well with Tail Slap. If you get a lucky crit, you’ll one-shot her entire health bar. It’s fun to watch.

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  1. This really isn’t so complicated. Use three gators, make sure you have rip and blood in the water. Rip, Blood in the water, switch, blood in the water, switch, blood in the water. I have yet to see them switch, if they do, just apply rip and continue to switch out and use Blood in the water over and over. Easy kill, watch for their buffs and don’t swap out if a big hit is coming, it’s better to die than lose a turn with a swap


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